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(And struggle to make a consistent income)

*Spoiler: It's because you DON'T have a properly defined niche.*

So I am giving away a FREE 7-step guide on how you can identifity your niche that makes MONEY.


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Finding your niche is NOT an easy task, it requires research and lots of thoughts! A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of NOT giving their niche a good amount of attention as compared to other tasks in the business and they end up with a scrappy niche statement!

Who is this e-book for?

For entrepreneurs and business owners who want to make sure their business has its first step (defining their niche) done correctly!

Find out the missing gap in their business that stops them from making sales.

To improve their marketing skills and sales strategies

Your problem:

Feeling frustrated with poor income & sales.

Feeling burnt out using the wrong marketing strategies.

Don't know how to target the right profitable niche.


Able to communicate your brand message clearly to your ideal market.

Able to generate consistent sales and grow your business.

Able to attract the right profitable market

An example of what you can learn from my
e-book about niching:

I am a well-being coach

I offer Yoga for busy mums working in corporate, who struggle with work-life balance, without adding more to their schedule!

In this E-book, I will teach you to properly define your niche that will lead you to greater marketing and sales!
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